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    模压乐具有较高的生产效率,制品尺寸精确,表面光洁,由于模压成型乐具有上述优点,已成为复合投网的重要成型方法,根据模压料的特性和成型乐过程可分为SMC(片状模塑料)和BMC(团状模塑料), BMC用于制造小型制品,如乐投井盖、盖板和法兰连接件等市政、建筑定型产品,SMC则用于生产大型薄壁制品,如乐投冷却塔、天线罩。近年来由于SMC、BMC和新型模塑料的出现以及它们在汽车工业上的广泛应用,实现了专业化、自动化和高效率生产。制品成本不断降低,其使用范围越来越广泛。模压制品主要用作结构件、连接件、防护件和电气绝缘件。广泛应用于工业、农业、交通运输、电气、化工、建筑、机械等领域。由于模压制品质量可靠,在兵器、飞机、导弹和卫星上也都得到应用。

Pore    Clean-out Cover   Orifice Board   Outside Staircase   Overfall Gap    Drain Opening    Water Outlet   Concrete Foundation    Steel Frame    Drain Opening    Drain Board   Bottom Board    Outer board  Side Board   Angle Steel   Roof     


SMC Combined Water Tank Structure Section


Tank construction
SMC combined water tank is assembled by the SMC molded board, sealing materials, metal structure and

piping system, it is possible to assemble 1-1000 cubic meters of water tank according to the users’ needs, if the original water tank needs to be updated, don’t need transforming the housing, move the molded veneer into the room through the door, and then assemble them, good in adaptability, thus brings a great convenience for the design and construction, general water tanks are designed according to the standard, special and large water tanks need special design.
  The tank seal is adopted the approved product specially developed – sealing tape, this kind of sealing tape is non-toxic, water-resistant, big in elasticity, small in permanent deformation, whose period of use is more than 30 years.

Tank Specifications and Dimensions Table (for reference)


    x Length xWidth (m)

容积 Volume

高度 Heightm


SMC FRP Molded Board Combination Tank



  Brief Introduction to SMC Combined Water Tanks

Developed by he National Building Materials Bureau FRP Research Institute and designed by Beijing Architecture Design Institute, SMC combined water tanks are new tanks currently widely used in the world, their unique properties have solved the problems of concrete water tanks being large in weight, easy to be leaked, easy to grow moss and steel tanks beingeasily corrodedand that the antirust coating falling off easily polluted to the water and etc.. This kind of tank has the advantages of being good in water quality, no penetration, light in weight, beautiful in appearance, long in life and easy to install. The water tank is the national "7th Five-year Program" key scientific and technological project, it has been listed in the national key promoted new product project during "Eighth Five-Year Program" period.


Clean Performance

The Environmental Hygiene and Sanitation Engineering Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and Beijing Municipal Health and Epidemic Prevention Station have conducted the chemical and toxicological experiment, evaluated as follows:
  In the synthetic materials provided, we haven’t found toxic and disabling compound, seen from
GC-MS identification and volatile test results, the soaking liquid of SMC water tank is not found compounds that high in content and big in toxicity; Toxicity Test: experiment on the water soaked animal of SMC water tank indicated no acute toxicity and accumulative toxicity, the quality of tank body soaked water met the National Drinking Water Standards (GB5749-85) and the Japanese Water Head Tank Water Quality Standards.


SMC FRP Molded Board Combination Tank

                       SMC Tank Molded Veneer


SMC Molded Veneer Performance

Tensile strength

Bending Strength

Flexural Modulus

Pap Hardness

Water Absorption

Glass Fiber Content

Specifications and Performance

  Specifications of SMC Tank Molded Veneer (If necessary, other specifications can be negotiated)

1000x1000mm, 1000x500mm,500x500mm;

Thickness: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm; among which 5mm-thick veneer is specially used for making tank cover.

SMC molded tank implements the National Building Materials Industry Standar (JC658.1-1997)

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